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About At Speed Motors:

At Speed Motors was founded in 1996 with an initial foray into Porsche Club Racing.  By 1998, with Bob Miller driving a 3.8 Supercup, the team had scored 13 first place finishes and 2 second places in 16 races.  By 2000, At Speed had moved to SCCA Pro in the World Challenge GT Series driving a GT3 Cup.  Bob ran only 3 races in 2000 as a test for how competitive the team would be against pro-level drivers.   With strong success and sponsors including Rogaine,, McCormick & Company, B&M Shifters, and others, the team entered the 2001 Season on a high note.   By the end of the season, Bob had won Rookie of the Year, earned the B&M Coolest Move of the Race, and had a top finish of 5th place at Laguna Seca.  Overall, the team was 9th in a field of more than 50 entrants which included icons like Derek Bell, Randy Pobst, Andy Pilgrim, Wolf Henzler, Micheal Galati, and others.  2002 in World Challenge GT ended with the team in 10th place overall, Bob’s winning the Rogaine Hair Raising Pass of the Day, and a move away from Porsche factory cars. 


2003 marked a massive change for At Speed when it was awarded the Volvo North America race contract.  With drivers including Bob, Derek Bell, and Paul Gerrard, the team built 2 prototypes for Volvo to take on Porsche, Dodge, Cadillac, Ford, and other GT manufacturers.  2004 was the development year, but by 2005, the team had scored a 9th place, a 7th place, and finally 5th overall.  By 2006, with Michael Galati driving the Volvo, At Speed scored a 5th, a 3rd, and a 1st place finish…giving Volvo its very First North American Pro Race Victory!  Also, in 2006, with Randy Pobst in Bob’s GT3 Porsche, At Speed clinched the manufacturers’ point championship for Porsche with a victory at Laguna Seca.  In fact, to this day, At Speed holds the closest margin of victory in a World Challenge GT Race (0.01 seconds at Laguna Seca) and the greatest margin of victory in a World Challenge GT Race (lapping the entire field except for Tommy Archer’s Viper at Mosport).


2007 and 2008 marked At Speed’s return to Porsche in both Grand AM GT and World Challenge GT.  Running incredible races like 24 Hours of Daytona, Sebring, etc. continued the team’s challenge of various series.  Then, in mid-2008, the world changed overnight.  At Speed had to evolve from a 100% Pro Race Team to 0% Racing in only 1 month.  Bob transitioned the team from racing to assisting customers with their car development, building race machines, servicing Porsches, and driver coaching.  Within a year, At Speed was also the #5 Dinan dealer, worldwide.   Then, in 2012, the service side of the business was sold off to an investor.


By the end of 2012, At Speed had moved almost exclusively into importing/exporting investment level Porsche cars.  Evaluating and authenticating chassis for purchase, assisting clients with their collection development, and presenting some of the rarest cars available in the world became the overall focus.  Throughout the US/Canada, Europe, and to Japan, Bob traveled to evaluate and vet cars for clients.  Thus, the passion for Porsche, which began with racing, continues to this day in our offerings and services.  What you see on these pages represent some of the finest examples of Original Porsche cars found anywhere in the world.

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